Domaine des Granges area

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Castles : some examples

  • Castle of Castelnau (13th century castle)
  • Castles of Milandres (old house Joséphine Baker)
  • Renaissance Castle of  Montal

Museums :

  • Museum of Art and traditions popular
  • Museum of Resistance
  • Museum of the chocolate
  • Museum of the automat
  • Museum of old plum
  • Museum of the porcelain factory
  • Museum of agricultural mechanization
  • Railway museum
  • Museum Quercy vapor
  • Museum Champollion and writings of the world
  • Museum of the fossils and minerals

Other places of visits:

  • Phyt laboratory' S
    Of cosmetic 100% biological
  • Beach of the small Sisters
  • Center national instruction cynophile of constabulary
  • Marsh of Bonnefont
  • Borie d' Imbert and its house of Justine

Animalist parks:

  • Animalist park of Gramat
  • Reptiland
  • Smalls Equine spiecies
  • Insectopia
  • The house of the Bees
  • The forest of the monkeys
  • The rock of the Eagles
  • The forest of the Squirrels


  • Pech Merle
  • Cougnac
  • Lacave
  • Cave of Padirac
  • Des Merveilles
  • Of Roland

Water mills:

  • Mill of Boisse
  • Mill of Bouluech


  • Mill of Sérignac
  • Mill of Boisse

Mills of walnuts oil:

  • Manufacture walnut oil of Bretenoux

River tourism:

  • Boat walk
  • Walk in rented boat
  • Cruisings on the Batch/Dinners cruisings
  • Travel in gabarre (old river boat) on the Dordogne

Parks and gardens:

  • The medieval garden of Barry
  • Scents of Quercy
  • Gardens of the Castle of Treyne
  • Hanging gardens of Marqueyssac
  • Gardens of the Manor of Eyrignac

Parks for children:

  • Quercy Land
  • Minotaure
  • Prehistoric park Préhistologia




Festival : The Musical ones of Causse, jazz, comic strip, African culture, of the lyric one,
account, amateurism theatre, the medieval ones, monumental paintings,
animation around Oustal, of the European gathering of the hot-air ballooning

Book’s market : old book in Cahors

Lounge Book in Brive-La-Gaillarde (most famous after Paris)

Guided tours, places of night animations, tea dancet

Traditional markets and of producers

Fairs with the second-hand trade who make discover our typical and classified villages